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The Kris Bundle

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The Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner Kris Kollection Bundle includes:

1x Kris Kollection Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette 

1x Kris Kollection Give Me a Kiss Lipstick

1x Kris Kollection Give Me a Kiss Lip Liner 

1x Kris Kollection Pressed Powder Face Palette

1x Kris Kollection 8 Piece Mini Set



The Limited-Edition Kris Kollection Bundle contains:

1x Give Me a Kiss Creme Lipstick  (0.12 oz./ 3.5 g each) (warm rustic rose) 

    1x Give Me a Kiss Lip Liner  (0.03 oz / 1.0 g each) (warm rustic rose) 

      1x Kris Kollection Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette (net weight / pods net 12 X 0.95 grams / 12 X 0.03 oz) containing the following shades:

      • I Love Myself (matte soft cream)
      • Gorgeous (metallic warm taupe)
      • It's An Emergency (matte cool taupe)
      • Very Nice (metallic black raspberry)
      • Haters (metallic icy gold)
      • Vodka Tonic (metallic cool rose)
      • Paybacks a Bitch (matte soft dusty rose)
      • Impressed (metallic deep warm plum)
      • 10% (satin dusty grape with gold pearl)
      • I'm Watching You (satin deepened slate with silver pearl)
      • Talent (metallic mushroom with silver pearl)
      • Does it Come in Black (matte black)

      1x Kris Kollection 8 pc. Mini Set (net weight. 1 X 0.02 oz. / 1 X 0.65 g / 7 X 0.02 oz. / 7 X 0.70 g) containing the following shades:

      • That's Wild (true red)
      • Boss (soft cherry)
      • Middle Finger (tangerine red)
      • Overwhelmed (deepened cool rosewood)
      • Too Blessed (warm pink rose)
      • This is Everything (soft warm peach)
      • Driving Me Crazy (creamy pink)
      • Really??? (creamy beige nude)

      1x Kris Kollection Pressed Powder Face Palette (net weight / 3 X 0.32 oz / 3 X 9.0 g/ 1 X 0.28 oz. / 1 X 8.0 g) containing the following shades:

      • It's Snowing Pussy Willows (soft pink champagne)
      • Money Doesn't Grow On Trees (soft warm peach)
      • Your Sister's Going to Jail (soft nectarine)
      • I Raised You On Mac N' Cheese (bright peach)