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Kylie's September Favorites

Kylie's September Favorites

$100.00 USD $166.00 USD

Kylie has selected her September favorites for our limited “Kylie Favorites” bundle; a $166 value for only $100. Get free domestic and international shipping when you shop this bundle.

Kylie's September Favorites Bundle includes:

1x Sorta Sweet Palette

1x Say No More Velvet Lip Kit

1x Boy Bye Velvet Single

1x Brown Kyliner Single

1x Bare Matte Single

1x Coconut Lip Liner

1x Salted Caramel Kylighter

1x X Rated Blush


The Kylie's Favorites Bundle contains:

    1X Say No More Velvet Lip Kit (0.11 oz./ 3.20g) containing:

    • Say No More Velvet Lip Kit (0.11 oz/ 3.0g) (neon pink)
    • Say No More Pencil Lip Liner (net wt./ poids net .03 oz./ 1.0g)

    1 X Brown Kyliner (net wt./ poids net .04 oz./ 1.2g)(matte rich brown)

      1X Boy Bye Velvet Single (0.11 oz./ 3.00g each) (pinky mauve)  

      1X Bare Matte Single (0.11 oz./ 3.25g each) (nude pinky beige)

      1X Coconut Lip Liner (net wt./ poids net .03 oz/ 1.0g) (warm nude rose)

      1X Salted Caramel Kylighter (net wt./ pods net 1 X 9.50 grams / 1 X 0.34 oz) (warm midtone gold)

      1X X Rated Blush (net wt./ pods net 1 X 7.50 grams / 1 X 0.26 oz) (subdued tangerine)

      1X Sorta Sweet Palette(net wt./ pods net 9 X 1.60 grams / 9 X 0.06 oz)