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Blush, Bronzer, Kylighter Bundle

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The Blush, Bronzer, Kylighter Bundle contains the following shades:

Pink Power Blush is a pale pink.

Kitten Baby Blush is a light apricot.

Baddie On The Block Blush is a mid-tone clean pink.

Close To Perfect Blush is a dusty peach.

We're Going Shopping Blush is a clean coral.

Rosy Blush is a mid-tone berry.

Cheers Darling Kylighter is a light champagne gold.

Quartz Kylighter is an icy gold.

Dreamin Of Diamonds Kylighter is a bright yellow gold.

Ice Me Out Kylighter is an icy champagne.

Queen Drip Kylighter is a peachy gold.

Princess Please Kylighter is an icy pale pink.

Khaki Bronzer is a golden bronze

Tequila Tan Bronzer is a warm bronze.

Toasty Bronzer is a neutral mid tone bronze

Almond Bronzer is a warm amber.

Tanned and Gorgeous Bronzer is a warm mocha.

Tawny Mami Bronzer is a deep chestnut.