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Birthday Mega Bundle

Birthday Mega Bundle

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The Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner Birthday Collection Bundle includes:

1x Birthday Collection Eyeshadow Palette

1x Birthday Collection Lipsticks: Birthday Behavior, Glam, August, Rumor, Rager, Flirtini

1x Birthday Collection Tipsy Matte Lip Kit  

1x Birthday Collection Twenty One Matte Lip Kit 

1x Birthday Collection Baddie Matte Lip Kit 

1x Birthday Collection Glitter Eyes: Eat Cake, Born to Sparkle, Fine Wine

1x Birthday Collection 6 pc Mini Set 

1x Birthday Collection Lip Trio 

1x Champagne Showers Highlighter 

1x Birthday Collection Makeup Bag


The Limited-Edition Birthday Collection Bundle contains:

1x Twenty One Matte Lip Kit (salmon pink)(0.11  oz./ 3.25g)(net wt./ poids net  .03 oz/ 1.0g)

1x Tipsy Matte Lip Kit (vibrant raspberry)(0.11 oz. / 3.25g)(net wt./ poids net  .03 oz/ 1.0g)

1x Baddie Matte Lip Kit (deep tangerine)(0.11 oz./ 3.25g)(net wt./ poids net  .03 oz/ 1.0g)

1x Birthday palette contains the following shades (net weight / pods net 21 X 0.85 grams / 21 X 0.03 oz)

Vanilla on Vanilla (matte pale peach)

Birthday Bitch (metallic pink with multi-colored sparkle)

Sangria (matte mahogany brown)

Martini Mama (satin champagne pink)

Pre-Game (matte warm beige)

Sex On The Beach (metallic golden brown)

Pretty (matte neon pink)

LIT (metallic dirty gold)

Close the Tab (matte orange brown)

Moscow Mule (matte dusty rose)

Tequila Tangerine (matte pale tangerine)

Mimosa (matte deep maroon)

21+ (metallic pink rose)

On The List (metallic light pink with silver sparkles)

Pour Decisions (matte merlot with blue sparkle)

Check ID (matte soft lilac)

RSVP (metallic bright lavender with silver sparkle)

Hungover (metallic pewter with silver sparkle)

Jungle Juice (matte deep fuchsia)

Party Animal (metallic deep royal blue)

Blackout (matte black)


The Birthday Collection lipsticks (0.12 oz. / 3.5 g)

Rumor is a deep blackened plum.

Rager is a bright coral.

August is a soft pale nude.

Glam is a bright pink.

Birthday Behavior is a deepened cherry.

Flirtini is a true pink.


 The Birthday Collection Lip Trio (0.11 oz/ 3.25 g)(0.11 oz. / 3.00 g)

The After Party is a true cherry

Shots is a super shimmering red with gold sparkle.

Victoria is a deep cherry.


The Birthday Collection Glitter Eyes (net weight / pods net 1 X 6.3 grams / 1 X 0.22 oz)

Born to Sparkle is a olive with gold sparkle.

Eat Cake is a pink with gold flip and sparkle.

Fine Wine is a purple with fuchsia sparkle.


Birthday Collection Highlighter (net weight / pods net 1 X 9.50 grams / 1 X 0.34 oz)

Champagne Showers is a light champagne gold.


Each Mini Kit contains:

(4 X 0.02 oz. / 0.70 g)(1 X 0.02  oz. / 0.65 g)

Queen (warm yellow nude)

Boy Bye (pinky mauve)

Say No More (neon pink)

RAD (dark tangerine)

Victoria (deep cherry red)

Boss(soft cherry)


Limited Edition Birthday Collection Makeup Bag