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Congrats on your Forbes cover shoot u look georgeous as always. I think u are a very smart and sweet young lady and i absolutely LOVE your make-up line if i could afford i would buy one of everything lol well i meam 2 of everything lol,but about a year 2 years ago i got very ill and it left me disabled so i lost my home and everything . I had been working since i was twelve after my mother was murdered by my step father while i was there and had to witness that i blamed myself. because i told her of the abuse that he had me going through and she had left him for good and thats when he murdered her.After her death i worked as a babysitter and took care of the elderly i loved it because i helped people and made money that i could by make up and clothes that made me feel pretty. I think thats why i be so glad whenever i get my disability through sp i can feel pretty again ya know. U are a wonderful mother and Stormi is such a beautiful angel😀😇😇💜 and of course im going to buy Kylie cosmetics😀💜🌈I think its wonderful that u and ur mother are all about empowering women . U guys are in a place where u can be heard and encourage battered women to get themselves and their children out of abusive homes before their lives are taken from them . i have took up enough of ur time and keep doing what u r doing an amazing job. Ur family are amazing people and u guys are so lucky to have your momma u are very blessed u take care beautiful and God Bless u😀😀💜💗👑👑

kylie you are a good role model