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I love u Kylie and just wanted to say that you are gorgeous and you are slaying the game

Honestly, this world needs more people spreading kindness and spreading positivity. So I wanted to let you know I admire you for being such a role model. Sometimes people hear that and automatically back lash with hateful comments but what they don’t stop and realize is they have no idea what the truth is, they have no idea who you are and they focus on the news that they think is true about celebrities. People hardly ever stop and think about the well known positives about you in particular. Kylie you are clearly a hard working woman, a hard working woman that has to face this harsh world in many more ways than the average person. You have shown girls all over the world to never worry about what others say. You are such a successful woman and that is all YOU !! I may not know you personally but I see outstanding qualities that many young girls are inspired by. You are important. You are an amazing mom. You are successful. You are happy. You are loved. You are charismatic. You are YOU! – & that is the purest form of beauty there is .

So thank you Kylie from not only me but from all of your supporters

Santana Andrade